Critical Illness Cover Audit

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What you should know

Buying your critical illness policy from a comparison site, your own bank or a high street shop will not always get you the most comprehensive cover – and often the cheapest is not the best.

Critical illness policies can vary greatly in terms of the number of illnesses they cover and the added benefits provided and we believe it is important you take advice before deciding on the best policy for you.

We can talk you through the different options and policy types to ensure you have the most appropriate level of cover to suit your budget.

Critical Illness Cover Audit

If you currently have a critical illness policy we offer a free audit service, where we compare the critical illness definitions and conditions on your plans to those currently available. Competition among providers in recent years means that more improved heart attack and cancer definitions are available on certain plans, some including extended partial payments.

So if it appears you would be better off with one of the new providers we can fill in a medical and lifestyle questionnaire and apply to the provider to ensure that you qualify for their cover.

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